For almost any kind of work, group meetings are essential. The success of an organization can be attributed to the state of these meetings. In recent years, a large amount of meetings are held on web platforms such as Skype and Google Hangout.

In group meetings, it is important to recognize group dynamics and how every team member can support successful outcomes. For example, equal particpation by all group members in a discussion generally lead to a more sucessful outcome. Some users may hold critical information but are too intimidated by dominant members in the group to speak up. One way, as described in this article, is to hold private conversations with team members to correct this behavior. But this can create potential conflicts in the group.

Collaboration Coach or CoCo (formerly RocConf) is a conferencing platform that provides post session feedback on group dynamics. We make users aware of their behaviors and use a chat assistant to provide recommendations for correcting their behaviors.

We present feedback on participation, speech overlap (interruption), turntaking, sentiment, attitude, and shared smile (not all shown in the diagram below) based on extensive literature reviews in pschology, social science and HCI as well as data from needfinding.

CoCo offers cloudsensing capability that can capture group interaction data conveniently for critical analysis and for future machine learning applications. Below is an overview of our system.

Sample session recorded with system. During the session we played a game call NASA survival on the moon.

Current sample feedback (Not from the previous session.)

We also implemented a 3D version for exploratory purposes. One major advantage of this version is to capture user perspective data (who user is looking at) by allowing users to focus on a person they are looking at with POV view (shifting POV with mouse or keyboard movements). Eye tracking technology is expensive and can be very inaccurate, it is very difficult to use eye gaze to check who a person is focusing with a google hangout-like interface.

System landing site.

Samiha Samrose*, Ru Zhao*, Jeffrey White, Vivian Li, Luis Nova, Yichen Lu, M. Ehsan Hoque, CoCo: Collaboration Coach for Understanding Team Dynamics during Video Conferencing , PACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies. (IMWUT - UbiComp), October, 2018. *equal contribution

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